Research Interests

Our mission is to pioneer new computational approaches for identifying somatic mutations from sequencing data and to leverage these technologies to better understand their role in the human genome. Somatic mutations, which accumulate during development and aging in all cell types, contribute to the genomic diversity within individuals and underlie a broad range of human diseases. By advancing our understanding of somatic mutations and their impact on human health, we aim to drive the development of innovative strategies for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Computational toolkit for somatic mutation identification

Developing new computational tools to identify somatic mutations from various types of bulk and single-cell high-throughput sequencing data.

Understanding the pathogenic contribution and mechanism of somatic mutations in various diseases for better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Investigating the mechanisms underlying somatic mutation accumulation in various human tissues, as well as their functional impacts on the transcriptome and epigenome of carrier cells.

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